EcoEnterprises Fund

EcoEnterprises Fund provides growth capital to small businesses in rapidly expanding sectors, such as organic agriculture, (e.g. apiculture, aquaculture, biopesticides, agricultural-focused technology and food systems), aquaculture, innovative food systems, ecotourism, sustainable forestry, and wild-harvested forest products that have proven to generate solid and profitable livelihoods for bottom of the pyramid communities who are an integral part of protecting the earth’s natural assets. Companies of this size employ the largest number of local people and have the capacity to create the economic engine to truly drive change. EcoEnterprises Fund fills a void in the market by offering tailored venture financing to spur performance while engaging as a strategic partner to strengthen returns and impact. Founded under the umbrella of The Nature Conservancy, EcoEnterprises Fund became an independent investment manager in 2010 with the successful launch of its second fund, EcoEnterprises Partners II, L.P., which builds on the experience and track record of the first fund, Fondo EcoEmpresas, S.A., (EcoEnterprises Fund I).

EcoEnterprises Fund seeks investments that work to protect vital ecosystems, provide alternative livelihoods for local people, and bring social and economic benefits to the rural poor. The Fund’s portfolio companies help offset biodiversity loss through habitat conservation, reforestation efforts, and sustainable use of natural resources. And all investments ensure safe and equitable working conditions for their employees, support fair-trade certification for local suppliers, provide training and opportunities for income diversification, and build strong working relationships with surrounding communities.

The fund has an investment ambition of $100 million by 2020 through the creation of a third EcoEnterprises Fund.

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Tammy Newmark 

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