Forestry and Climate Change Fund

The Forestry and Climate Change fund is a pioneering impact fund aiming to demonstrate that sustainable forestry within secondary & degraded tropical forests generates economic, ecological and social value and contributes to healthy landscapes, climate change mitigation & adaptation and local economic development. The Fund enables access to responsible financing sources for local actors and supports the development of viable enterprises. The Fund also constitutes an investment opportunity into innovative climate finance for different types of investors.

FCCF invests directly and indirectly in a diversified portfolio of forestry companies, community forestry entities and owners of small forests, who focus on the management SDF.

High Impact Investment.

Attractive returns.

Limited risks.

The fund is managed in cooperation with Unique forestry and land use GmbH (Unique) and the Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE). Initial geographic focus is on Central America and more specifically, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

The fund targets €15-20 million and the technical assistance facility targets €2 million which grants fund development and capacity building of local management structures. The minimum investment or loan size per project is US$1M over the duration of project.

Contact info:

Kaspar Wanlseben

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