Permian Global

Permian has the mission to reduce the emissions and atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide through socially and environmentally responsible natural forest protection and recovery. The team is comprised of scientists, forest conservationists and asset managers. They are dedicated to responsible investment in order to achieve results that go beyond permanent climate change mitigation, bringing long-term socio-economic and biodiversity benefits to the project areas in which we operate while adhering to the highest environmental and social standards.

Permian Global is committed to long-term results. Its investment approach has four core elements: project origination, investment process, project management and carbon sales. Permian integrates risk management into the fabric of their investment strategy to protect the assets that they manage for their investors, while adhering to the highest environmental and social standards.

Their main focus is on carbon payments. Forest carbon credits offer a range of benefits, which make a compelling product for the growing market for climate change mitigation solutions. The size of their portfolio is US$300M and the typical investment size varies a lot as does hectares size (ranges between 25K ha to 1.5M ha). Permian Global’s targets an investment of at least US$100 million in the LAC up to 2020.

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