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Land degradation is a serious environmental issue throughout most of Chile – 2/3 of the nation’s 48.3 million ha face desertification, and nearly half of the nation’s territory face some degree of erosion. These issues diminish agricultural productivity, threaten biodiversity, and endanger important ecosystem services and resources.

To combat degradation, Chile plans to restore 500,000 ha of land under Initiative 20x20. In order to achieve this goal, Chile aims to restore 100,000 ha of degraded native forest into forest plantations and restore 400,000 ha of degraded land for agriculture and cattle ranching through the System of Incentives for Recuperation of Degraded Soil (Sistema de Incentivos para la Recuperación de Suelos Degradados, or SIRDS, in Spanish).

Chile has the following restoration objectives:

  • Transformation of economic, social, and environmental conditions in human settlements linked to forest territory
  • Promotion of respect for people’s rights and cultural heritage
  • Preservation of forests and water resources
  • Maintenance of biodiversity
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Reduction of forest fire occurrences and minimization of impacts of forest fires

Landscape Restoration approach
  • Establishment of protected areas
  • Active planting of native species
  • Inclusion of local and indigenous populations in conservation
  • Inclusion of the forestry sector as a strong player in Chile’s economic development and improving and increasing jobs in forestry
  • Increased employment of women in forestry
  • Incentivization of agricultural best practices (including fertilizer use for intensification on existing agricultural land, establishment of vegetative cove, etc.)
  • Silvopasture and agroforestry
  • Control of invasive species

Improvement of prevention, detection, and control of forest fires

Financing mechanisms
  • The Recuperation of Native Forests Law establishes the The Fund for Conservation, Recovery, and Sustainable Management of Native Forests (Fondo de Conservación, Recuperación, y Manejo Sustenable del Bosque Nativo), which provides competitive grants for conservation, recovery, or sustainable management of native forests. The size of the fund is determined annually as part of the national budget.
  • he Environmental Forestry Fund (Fondo Forestal Ambiental) ( was a UNDP fund allocated to CONAF for REDD+ activities in Chile.
  • The Environmental Protection Fund (Fondo de Protección Ambiental) is a competitive fund managed by the Ministry of Environment that provides grants for environmental development projects.
  • Chile’s restoration efforts are assisted by GEF grants/projects and World Bank, UNDP, and UNEP support.
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