Restoration pledge

0.5 million hectares

Focal point:
Initiatives to which the pledge applies:

Bonn Challenge, Initiative 20x20, NY Declaration on Forests

Key Objectives

Ecuador joined Initiative 20x20 in 2014 with a pledge by the Ministry of Environment (Ministerio de Ambiente) and the National Government (Gobierno Nacional) to restore 500,000 ha of degraded land by 2017.

Ecuador’s plan to restore 500,000 ha is a response to the impacts of deforestation – the nation plans to restore and reforest in order to:

  • Protect biodiversity, water resources and soil resources
  • Recover ecosystem services
  • Improve quality of life
  • Strengthen social and economic development
  • Mitigate climate change
Main approaches:
  • Protected areas
  • Natural forest regeneration
  • Community forestry
  • Revegetation with native species
  • Establishment and protection of ecological corridors/fringes
  • Agroforestry and sustainable use of ecosystems
  • REDD+
  • In the National Forest Restoration Plan, the Public trust contributes to the Fund for Forest Restoration, the primary national method for financing restoration in Ecuador. The Fund is also partly generated by the sale of forest products seized by the state. The funds are allocated by the Ministry of the Environment to parish governments that carry out restoration/reforestation. In 2016, 85% of beneficiaries of Ministry resources were from groups on communal lands.
  • Socio Bosque is an incentive program established in 2008 with the primary goal of conservation of forests and other natural landscapes.
  • Ecuador receives GEF grants (administered and supported by UNDP and FAO) for land restoration and conservation of biodiversity.
  • Title III of Ecuador’s Forestry and Conservation of Natural Areas Wildlife Law deals with financing of the country’s forest programs, and Chapter VIII contains regulations for incentives.
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