Restoration pledge

1.2 million hectares

Focal point:

Guatemala is a multicultural and biodiverse country with a strong economic reliance on rural agriculture and natural resources. However, the nation is also significantly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and land degradation and deforestation threatens ecosystem services, agricultural productivity and the livelihoods of much of the nation’s population.

Considering these issues, Guatemala seeks to restore 1.2 million ha of degraded forest land by 2045 under the coordination of the national Forest service INAB, the National Protected areas council, the Ministry of environment and the Ministry of Agriculture. Guatemala’s National Restoration Strategy, formulated by the country’s multi-stakeholder Roundtable of Landscape Restoration (MFR), recognizes the local and global importance of restoration. Guatemala’s restoration objectives include:

  • Restoration for Economic development
  • Improving productivity for food security and enhancement of rural livelihoods
  • Promote capacity development of institutions working in restoration
  • Strengthen the governance in the territory
  • Develop knowledge and research on valuation of benefits of landscape restoration
Landscape Restoration approach

Restoration approaches include:

  • Reforestation Natural and assisted
  • Agroforestry
  • Silvopastures systems
  • Restoration of strategic ecosystems such as mangrove
  • Conservation of natural areas
Financing mechanisms
  • The main policy instrument to support landscape restoration in Guatemala is the PROBOSQUE law that provides incentives to restoration activities.
  • Guatemala’s restoration efforts are also supported by private impact investors


Instituto Privado de Investigación par Cambio Climático

is a private research institution with the mission of creating and promoting actions that facilitate Climate change mitigation and adaptation in the region based on technical and scientific guidelines as well as economic feasibility

Defensores de la Naturaleza

is an NGO whose mission is to “conserve the biological diversity and culture of important ecosystems in Guatemala through sustainable use of natural resources with the active participation of society.” Defensores manages 4 protected areas in Guatemala. 


is an international organization working in Guatemala fostering positive change by uniting landscape restoration with poverty reduction. It does this through its Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy (LLS), combining incentives and employment creation, environmental governance and market development