Restoration pledge

1 million hectares

Focal point:

Nelson Ulloa, nsulloa@yahoo.com

Initiatives to which the pledge applies:

Bonn Challenge, Initiative 20x20

Key Objectives

In recent years, Honduras has consistently ranked as highly susceptible to the effects of climate change, especially extreme weather events. In addition, a significant portion of the country’s GHG emissions (58.5% in 2011) come from land-use change and forestry. In light of these climate issues, Honduras is turning to restoration as a mitigation and adaptation strategy.

Honduras joined Initiative 20x20 in 2016 with a pledge to restore 1 million hectares of land by 2030 according to the following strategies:

  • 200,000 ha through agroforestry systems.
  • 50,000 ha through silvopastoral systems.
  • 200,0000 through restoration of basins to capture water for energy production, human consumption, and restoration of native ecosystems.
  • 150,000 ha through forest plantations.
Main approaches:
  • Agroforestry systems
  • Silvopastoral systems
  • Forest plantations for biomass and pellets
  • Forest plantations for biomass power
  • Forest plantations for certified commercial wood products
  • Active restoration of native ecosystems
  • Based on calculated costs of the proposed strategies, the government of Honduras has estimated that an investment of about $487.5 million is needed to achieve the restoration goal. Honduras’s Ministry of Environment and Secretary of Finance are developing a Forest Investment Plan.
  • GEF is providing financing for the Productive Landscapes Policy.
  • The Forest Investment Plan is in development.
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