Partnership for Integrated Research and Development (AIDER)

AIDER is a Peruvian NGO that works with local communities and stakeholders to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation in Peru’s forest landscapes. Since its founding in 1986, AIDER has managed initiatives for sustainable use of forests and has experience in community engagement, capacity-building, and operation of restoration projects in Peru. Examples of past projects include: strengthening indigenous communities’ capacity to monitor deforestation of communal forests for REDD+, improving ecological connectivity for a bird species in Wildlife Refuge Laquipampa, and Phase 2 of the Conservation Andean Amazon Initiative (ICAA).

AIDER’s well-established relationships allow AIDER to promote alignment with restoration initiatives in Peru across stakeholders and organizations. AIDER has strong relationships with Peru’s National Forest Authority (SERFOR) and Ministry of Environment as well as regional governments throughout the country. Furthermore, AIDER has partnerships with strategic organizations such as universities, research centers, international aid and development institutions, and impact investors.

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Marioldy Sanchez, Associate and Monitoring Coordinator,

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Social Capital for the Sustainable Management of Forests (Spanish)