The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE)

Centro de Conservación, Investigación y Manejo de áreas

Founded in 1942, CATIE is an international center dedicated to research and graduate education in agriculture and management, conservation, and sustainable use of natural resources in Central American and the Caribbean. The organization works in 14-member countries throughout the region, where it pursues its mission to “increase sustainable and inclusive human well-being in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting education, research and outreach for the sustainable management of agriculture and conservation of natural resources.”

To achieve its mission, CATIE promotes development of climate-smart territories as a tool for sustainable development and allies with public and private partners to integrate education research, and innovation for development. CATIE offers graduate programs in sustainable agriculture, conservation, development, and more, and also provides products and services like consulting, seed bank management, sustainable commercial agriculture, and evaluation of value changes and agribusiness.

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Roger Villalobos, Agricultural Engineer, 

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Download CATIE Strategic Plan 2013 – 2020

Technical guidelines for the design and management of participatory connectivity conservation and restoration projects at the landscape scale in Latin America