Celsia is the electricity company of Grupo Agros, a Colombian investment group in cement and energy industries. Founded in 1919 and headquartered in Cali, Colombia, Celsia operates power plants in Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Celsia is especially active in hydropower generation in Colombia. In 2016 Celsia started ReverdeC, a project to restore watersheds in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Through ReverdeC, Celsia aims to plant one million native trees in the region in order to improve resilience to risks associated with climate change, protect biodiversity, and improve efficiency of power generation.

Celsia joined Initiative 20x20 in 2016 to work with WRI and other allies to continue to promote the recovery of Valle del Cauca watersheds in the coming years.

Contact info:

Beatriz Eugenia Orozco Gil, Celsia Environmental Manager, borozco@celsia.com

Organization website:



ReverdeC site (Spanish)

Valle del Cauca Corporation news release – “Planting and taking care of one million trees annually is ReverdeC’s goal” (Spanish)