Colciencias (National Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia) is the institution in charge of promoting policy for science, technology and innovation in Colombia. Colciencias supports Colombian researchers through Ph.D. scholarships, enhances high quality scientific education, fosters innovation by reinforcing the relationship between academia and the private sector and promotes scientific culture to the larger public.

Colciencias created in 2015 the Project Colombia Bio, a national initiative that seeks to enhance the knowledge, conservation and sustainable use of Colombia’s biodiversity through scientific expeditions in post-conflict territories, R&D Calls, and the strengthening of local environmental governance, in order to promote the construction of a national bioeconomy by 2030. In partnership with the Humboldt Institute, another Colombian 20x20 partner, and with other scientific institutes and Universities in Colombia, Colciencias has launched scientific expeditions throughout the country, to better understand and preserve the Colombian the biodiversity and their ecosystem services.

Colciencias is seeking ways to deliver on Initiative 20x20’s objective in Colombia by supporting the scientific investigations and policy process on restoration in the country and by driving a scientific effort on restoration and the economic applications derived from its sustainable use. Colciencias is looking into ways of supporting a study on the use of native species in restoration and reforestation projects within the Initiative. Colciencias is headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

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Felipe Garcia Cardona, Manager of Colombia Bio Program, 

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