Defensores de la Naturaleza (DN)

Established in 1983, DN is a Guatemalan NGO whose mission is the conservation of important ecosystems in Guatemala through sustainable natural resource use and active participation of society. DN primarily pursues its mission through the management of protected areas, and the organization currently manages four reserves in Guatemala that represent 5% of the country’s land area. DN also engages in scientific research and monitoring, advocacy, education, and promotion of sustainable development.

DN is part of the Guatemalas’ Restoration task force lead by INAB, this task force we share experiences on our restoration actions thru the country, help government deliver programs, projects and action to pursue our restoration goals. And DN has lead civil society on restoration actions, all our projects in our working areas has the different types of restoration actions.

In partnership and collaboration with with OroVerde, Heifer International, Rainforest Alliance, USAid, BMUB and BMZ; DN is currently implementing restoration actions within three of its managed areas. These will benefit more than 230 communities living in rural regions and protected areas by promoting diversification of livelihoods, conservation, restoration and adaptation to climate change. In 2016 nearly 13,000ha degraded lands were restored to its’ natural ecosystem in Sierra Lacandon National Park.

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Oscar Nuñez, Director Ejecutivo,

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Defensores de la Naturaleza Protected Areas (Spanish)

Bosques Project (Spanish)

Proyecto Lacandon Bosques para la vida


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