Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS)

Fundação Amazonas Sustentável

Created in 2007 by the Amazonas State Government and Bradesco Bank, FAS is a private Brazilian non-governmental non-profit whose mission is to promote the sustainable development, conservation, and improvement in quality of life for riverside communities in remote riverine communities in the state of Amazonas. FAS works under the principles of transparency, innovation, partnerships with organizations with shared values, replicability of projects, monitoring and evaluation of program activities, and promotion of professional and personal fulfilment of FAS employees.

FAS’s flagship project is Bolsa Floresta Programme (BFP), a payment for enviromental services program that incentivizes smallholder households for their commitment to zero net deforestation in pristine areas. BFP also engages in sustainable income generation, capacity building to grassroots organizations, research, education, access to water, access to clean energy, communication and environmental monitoring related to forests and sustainable livelihood.

Since 2014 FAS is the executive secretary of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the Amazon (SDSN-Amazon) – an UN-related network to support the localization and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Together with 20x20 partners, such as WRI, FAS has been engaged with the Brazilian Climate Observatory, the Brazilian Forum of Climate Change and Climate-Forest-Agriculture Coalition on discussing more efficient public policies and the implementation of the land-use related SDG.

Contact info:

Virgilio Viana, Director General,

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