Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina (FVSA)

Founded in 1977, FVSA is an independent NGO that promotes environmental conservation, sustainable use of natural resources, and sustainable behaviour in the context of climate change. The primary problem that FVSA works to remedy is the excessive use of natural resources. FVSA has two primary goals, 1) taking care of the natural world, and 2) changing behaviour to reduce humans’ ecological footprint.

A partner organization to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since 1988, FVSA works through innovative partnerships with other organizations, governments, and companies to promote its goals at the community, regional, and national level. The organization also works to raise awareness, educate children about the environment, and disseminate information throughout Argentina through the media and journalism.

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Manuel Marcelo Jaramillo, Conservation and Sustainable Land Use Director,

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State of the Atlantic Forest: Three countries, 148 million people, one of the richest forests on Earth (English)

The Fauna and the Silvopastures of Chaco (Spanish)

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