Instituto Centro de Vida (ICV)

The Life Center Institute

Founded in 1991, ICV is a non-profit environmental civil society organization in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil, where the organization promotes and demonstrates model restoration, conservation, and governance of forests. ICV’s mission is to build shared solutions for land use sustainability, and the organization currently aims to restore 10,000 ha of degraded land in Mato Grosso state.

Since 2005, ICV has supported Mato Grosso’s government to improve deforestation control and develop restoration strategy. Additionally, ICV works with municipalities and producers in the Amazon to improve environmental governance and to disseminate improved land use practices. ICV’s projects include the Forest Transparency Initiative, Sustainable Farming Initiative, and the Economic Incentives Initiative.

Thanks to partnerships and engagement with governments, organization, networks, and corporations, ICV’s actions influence actors beyond Mato Grosso – ICV’s work affects international, national, and state actions on issues of transparency, environmental governance, and public policy.

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Alice Thuault, Deputy Director,

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Program Novo Campo: Practicing Sustainable Cattel Ranching in the Amazon


Forest Transparency Series (English, but most papers in Portuguese)

Restoration Report

Nota técnica sobre o monitoramento da Estratégia PCI

State PCI strategy monitoring indicators and reporting