Pronatura Noreste A.C.

Since its creation in 1998 by a group of Mexican entrepreneurs and academics, the conservation NGO Pronatura Noreste has worked to conserve Mexico’s priority ecosystems while promoting social development in harmony with nature. To this end, Pronatura Noreste engages in conservation science, ecological restoration, environmental education, climate change mitigation, sustainable community development, environmental policy analysis, and corporate volunteering.

Pronatura Noreste contributes to the 20x20 Initiative’s goals through its work in the Chihuahuan Desert grasslands in northern Mexico, where it is working to replicate the successful sustainable cattle ranching program, as well as duplicate its impact on habitat conservation for many endangered species associated to the ecoregion, whilst improving the livelihood of the communities associated with this ecosystem.

Through this particular Sustainable Cattle Ranching Program, Pronatura Noreste performs technical diagnosis, financial analyses and proposes value chains to link the rancher’s products with a whole sustainable meat cycle. With these analyses, Pronatura Noreste believes firm steps will be taken to transform traditional cattle ranching practices in the Chihuahuan Desert, thus allowing the partnership to achieve its main goal, which is to conserve Mexican grasslands, the species associated to this ecosystem, and to improve the lives and economy of the communities who find in cattle ranching a way of life.

Pronatura Noreste holds constant dialogue with different entities such as local, regional and federal government institutions as well as with ranchers associations, in order to address coordinated actions towards our common conservation goal. To this day, more than 18, 000 hectares of native grasslands have been restored.

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