Established in 2002, Reforestamos is an NGO whose mission is to safeguard the forests and jungles that Mexico needs to develop sustainably. Reforestamos uses its close relationships with private sponsors and with high level governmental organizations like the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) to implement initiatives like Youth Forest Entrepreneurs, Productive Landscape Restoration, and a Forest Legality Partnership.

Reforestamos’s Productive Landscape Restoration project is guided by “a new vision of rural development” in which local incomes are increased by diversification of food and fiber production systems in a competitive, sustainable manner. Reforestamos is currently engaged in restoration in the Yucatan Peninsula, where it works with the IUCN, WRI, and Pronatura Yucatan Peninsula to design business models to attract private investment in restoration.

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Reforestamos Projects (Spanish web page)

What is desertification? (Spanish blog post)